Introducing our new CHRISTMAS theme!!!

Starting from £40 per day for the "mini" set, £75 for the full set (with ball pit, "snow" balls and scuttlebugs) and £120 for the bouncy castle package. All of our soft play and bouncy castle options are available in the following three standard sizes (apart from soft play-only themes): 🔴 "Mini" sets - soft play blocks, two hoppers, one rocker, foam mats 🟢 Full-sized soft play set - any mini set plus a ball pool and two scuttle bugs 🔵 Bouncy castle package - add any bouncy castle to a mini or full-sized soft play set to get a complete party package 🥳 However the choice doesn't stop there!  We're happy to combine any number of soft play sets and bouncy castles together to make the package that works best for your event.  And delivery is free within five miles of our HQ! 😊 Themes to choose from are: 🦕 dinosaur 👸 princess 🦸‍♂️ superhero 🦄 fairies and unicorns 🐖 Peppa Pig 🌈 multi-colour 🎅 Christmas *NEW* 🐘 wild animals

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