QUIET TIME Superhero Castle - 3.45pm

For children up to 1.8m in height who have additional needs.

  • 15 minutes
  • Bounce Yourself Happy, Aberbeeg Community Centre, 29 May

Service Description

PLEASE ONLY BOOK THIS SLOT IF YOUR CHILD HAS ADDITIONAL NEEDS AND WOULD PREFER TIME ON THE PRINCESS CASTLE ALONE (OR WITH A FRIEND OF THE SAME SIZE/AGE) On the next page, select 29 May to book this slot. Please arrive for your session on time and join the queue at the main gate. When your session is called, please follow the supervisor to the waiting area and remove child's shoes and any personal possessions, including glasses and jewellery. All jewellery must be removed, including earrings. Children must not bring anything on to the castle that might potentially cause injury to themselves or others. Children will be allowed on to the bouncy castle in groups of either three or four, depending on size. We may have to swap your child to a different session if there is a significant size difference between the children in their group. If you have more than one child and the other children have chosen to play on a different bouncy castle, please choose a different session for each child or bring another appropriate adult/adults (aged over 18) to supervise your other child/children.