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Public and school events

We are happy to supply our equipment to organisations for public events.  There is no extra charge, and discounts may be available for large orders and multi-day hire.  We are also more than happy for you to charge users (we don't expect a cut!)


Here is our specific guidance for bouncy castle hire:


  • We do not provide a staffing service, so you would need to supply your own volunteers to supervise the equipment. We recommend at least one person per castle. If hiring more than one castle, we also recommend an extra person to manage queues and have overall responsibility.

  • We will require a mains electric supply within 25m (not an extension cable). Failing that, we will require a 3kva generator per castle. A 6kva generator for two castles is possible, but we'd recommend 2 x 3kva generators in case one fails.

  • The castles are 12ft x 12ft, but require 20ft x 28ft of floorspace for safety, with a height clearance of 10ft (or 9ft for the activity bouncer).

  • If siting outside, we will need the same amount of space, but at least 14ft x 14ft would need to be level, natural grass so that we can peg the castle down. Artificial grass may be possible if we can peg through it, but the surface underneath would need to be suitable and this will of course damage the artificial grass.

  • We don't normally site castles on hard ground outdoors and wouldn't recommend it. There are a couple of possibilities if that's your only option, but you would need to supply the ballast needed. Each castle requires 163kg of weight per anchor point, and each castle has six anchor points. You may have seen castles with less weight holding them down, but they won't have been set up safely and almost certainly not insured!

  • Bolting down is also possible, but we don't have the equipment or expertise to do this.

  • If siting the castle on public land, you will need to provide evidence that you have the landowner's permission. If the site is not enclosed, we will require a security deposit.

  • Please also be aware that we won't be able to go ahead with outdoor hires if wind gusts (not speed) are above 24mph on the day or there is a weather warning in place. Because of the rain covers, the castles can be used in light rain, but would need to be towelled dry frequently to avoid slips. Indoor hires are unaffected by the weather, so to avoid disappointment we would always recommend indoor hire for events if space permits.


Here is a summary of the HSE guidance on supplying inflatables for events:


All castles are supplied with mats, a blower and extension cable.


All our castles are PIPA tested and will be cleaned and sanitised before use.

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